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This website is an collaberative initiative. It is intended to be constructed openly by volunteer contributors. If you have expertise in this field, please do consider adding your knowledge by editing an existing page, or creating new ones. Contributing is simple, but please see our guide page How To Contribute for more information.

What is Computer Forensics?
Computer forensics, sometimes known as Digital Forensics, is often described as "the preservation, recovery and analysis of information stored on computers or electronic media". It often embraces issues surrounding Digital Evidence with a significant legal perspective, and is sometimes viewed as a Four Step Process.

Open Guide Projects
We are currently running a series of projects: essentially creating knowledge banks for various aspects of computer forensics:
A general Computer Forensics FAQ
Forensics information and advice for specific technologies, initially: PC Forensics; PDA Forensics; Network Forensics
A list of Forensic Hints And Tips
Development of general First Responder Procedures

Offsite Resources and Support
The following are some of the major destinations for forensic related matters:
User Group: For mutual support and interaction on Computer Forensics
Resources: Introduction, checklists, procedures... the Computer Forensics Toolkit
SWGDE: The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence Homepage

Contributors and Contact
If you have contributed to this collaberation, please do feel free to add your details to our List Of Contributors page.

If you wish to contact administration, please do so via the details on the Feedback page. Finally, we would like to thank Safemode for providing our hosting.


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